GENERAL: Blogging instructions


Becoming a Blogger


Create you own Gmail account
(Go to Google and look for the Gmail account link; follow instructions for e-mail)


To contribute to this blog, visit:

(which is the link provided in the invitation, or just click above once you have a Gmail account)

It will take you to a page that requests the following:

Email address Your username, not mine
Use a different account

Your name Your name

Display name The name that will be displayed, your display name

Acceptance of Terms
I accept the
Terms of Service
Indicate that you have read and understand Blogger's Terms of Service

Click on continue….make sure you check acceptance of terms


Click on
View Blog

This will take you to the Blog from where you are free to navigate and make yourself acquainted with how it functions. Click on the table of content on the right hand side (it could move to the left later if somebody wants to have a different design). Initially the Blog had a blue theme, but somebody requested a change and now it is a bright green.

On that initial page, you will see on the top, right hand corner, your username followed by two tabs: NEW POST and LOG OUT. To post, follow NEW POST. Once on the edit page (or posting page), you will be able to create your title and your content by either typing them in or by cutting and pasting from a Word document. I’m sure you can also copy/paste material from anywhere on line.

-keep in mind your hyperlinks will be preserved automatically
-you also have the option of POSTing it immediately or saving your entry until you edit it, in that case click on SAVE. You can re-edit as often as you wish
-to edit your work, simply go to edit posts and make your changes (by clicking on the choices available)
-to verify your post, click on VIEW POST

-LOG OUT, and you are done.

Let me know if you have any trouble or if you need for me to post your links.

I would strongly suggest that you look at other blogs out there. Like everything else on the Web, the content varies from blog to blog. Here are some that I have visited lately. Perhaps you will be inspired to follow suit and become a full time blogger.

This one belongs to my friend Miguel who was in Yemen last year teaching ESL. This year he will be in Argelia, a few years back he was in Mauritania. I met him when we were both working on our Master’s degree here at UTSA. The things you could do with blogs in your classroom are limited only by your imagination. If nothing else, check out his amazing pictures, you might even know the guy.

Here’s another one replete with Chicano authors’ information and links to their home pages. My kids approve of it because it links directly to Gary Soto’s Webpage, whom they met recently at a UTSA reading and book signing.

This blog cites many things going on locally. I like to refer to it to find out what’s going on in San Antonio. It has some nice hyperlinks.

Here's another one that is just interesting be "the judge."

Picture from unnecessary quotation marks blog.